Crystals for well-being

Sunday 1st October, 2:30-5:30pm
Kindred in Bromsgrove

The concept of using crystals to manifest and heal has been around for centuries. The healing benefits of crystals predominantly surround areas of mental and spiritual wellbeing; including feelings of increased tranquility, positivity and focus, as well as enhanced immunity and natural pain relief.

During this workshop we'll look at how crystals work - the science behind crystal healing, the energy and vibrations, our chakras and crystal alignment. You'll experience different crystal healing techniques, and find out why I believe you only need 10 crystals to perform any healing and manifestation practices you wish to carry out! 

You'll also receive a full aura cleansing and crystal energy healing session during this event. 

The exchange for this afternoon course, including refreshments and your crystal healing kit is £40. To book visit my online shop.

Paricipants are also invited to join Amber Sound Healing at 6pm for a beautiful sound bath. This is £18 and a wonderful way to finish this deeply healing afternoon. 


Could your social do with a sage?

We live in a world dominated by screens, algorithms, and instant connectivity. A world so busy, that spirituality might seem at odds with it. On last week's Sacred Origins podcast with Holly Boulle, one of the things we discussed was being discerning of what we consume in this digital age - and that conversation got me thinking....could your social do with a sage? 

Firstly, there's definitely some positives to everything digital - one that most springs to my mind is the access to spiritual teachings from around the world. Blogs, podcasts, online courses, and videos make it possible to explore various traditions, philosophies, and practices that years ago wouldn't have been available to us. We no longer have to wait for that teacher we so want to hear speak come to a town near us for a talk. The teachings are so easy to access - whether it be online, on an app - I take them round with me on my phone and can access them whenever I want or need!

Through social media platforms and online forums I've met and connected with many like-minded individuals with shared spiritual interests. I've been lucky that some have become really good friends in the 'real' world too. For someone who started this journey very solo, this belonging and support I will always be grateful for - and it's expanded my understanding of spirituality, other cultures and how all our journeys are so interesting and different.

But - there's always a but - at the same time, the devices that offer spiritual content are also major sources of distraction. Constant notifications and phone pings and social media scrolling has, too often, pulled me away from my spiritual practice.

And, as Holly and I also discuss, the social media platforms that connect us with so many people and ideas, often cause us to compare ourselves with others and the abundance of information available online can be overwhelming. It's easy to get lost in the noise.

We also have to be so careful online. As we move to more images and content being generated by AI we need to practice discernment. I fear it is going to get harder to find authentic, credible sources of spiritual guidance and information.

My advice is simply this - be mindful of what you're consuming. Remember that digital content is energy - like any other energy you encounter day to day. Cleanse it with good clear outs of pages, people, content that don't bring you joy. Protect yourself from it with digital detoxes, time away and unfollowing when you need to. 

And be mindful when you are online - engage with content that does light you up. Really listen, read and interact with the content that makes you feel good. You never know what it could bring you! 

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